Sulfo-Cy3 DBCO

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Sulfo-Cy3 DBCO is a bright, water-soluble, and pH insensitive from pH 4 to pH 10 orange-fluorescent dye. Sulfo-Cy3 conjugates of antibodies, peptides, and proteins can be excited using the 532 nm or 555 nm laser line and visualized with TRITC (tetramethylrhodamine) filter sets. Sulfo-Cy3 conjugates give less background than TAMRA and most other commonly used fluorescent dyes.

Suldo-Cy3 DBCO is a bright, orange-fluorescent, pH insensitive azide-reactive probe routinely used for imaging of azide-containing biomolecules without the need for copper catalyst. Sulfo-Cy3 DBCO reacts with azides via a copper-free “click chemistry” reaction to form a stable triazole and does not require Cu-catalyst or elevated temperatures. In application where the presence of copper is a concern Sulfo-Cy3 DBCO is an ideal alternative to copper requiring fluorescent alkynes.

Azide, picolyl azide
Abs/Em Maxima
555/572 nm
Extinction coefficient
150,000 cm-1M-1
Water, DMSO, DMF
Spectrally similar dyes
Cy3, DyLight® 555, Alexa Fluor® 555
Molecular weight
Storage conditions
Shipping conditions
Ambient temperature

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