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5(6)-Carboxyrhodamine 110 NHS Ester

Catalog#: 1201-5
Unit size: 5 mg
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Catalog#: 1201-25
Unit size: 25 mg
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Catalog#: 1201-100
Unit size: 100 mg
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5(6)-Carboxyrhodamine 110 NHS Ester (also known as Rhodamine Green™ Carboxylic Acid, Succinimidyl Ester, Hydrochloride or 5(6)-CR 110, SE) is the nonsulfonated analog of the Alexa Fluor® 488 dye. The amine-reactive 5(6)-Carboxyrhodamine 110 NHS Ester can be used to create bright and photostable green-fluorescent bioconjugates with excitation/emission maxima ~502/527 nm.

The conjugates of this dye often used for Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS). For many applications, 5(6)-Carboxyrhodamine 110 NHS Ester is preferred over 5-(6)-carboxyfluorescein NHS ester or FITC because of its exceptional photostability and fluorescence insensitivity to pH (4-9).

Primary amine
Abs/Em Maxima
502/527 nm
Extinction coefficient
76,000 cm-1M-1
Spectrally similar dyes
Alexa Fluor® 488, DyLight® 488, Fluorescein, Oregon Green 488
Molecular weight
Storage conditions
Shipping conditions
Ambient temperature

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